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8 Useful WordPress Themes for Building Great Portfolios in 2018

Building a decent portfolio takes a fair amount of experience and creativity and a good tool for the job. You would need to have all the above coupled with an improved tool to build an awesome portfolio.

You can’t pull additional creativity out of a hat, however, and gaining experience can take lots of time.

Find the best tool for the job, and it should take up the slack. You don’t have to be a design wizard to use any of the 8 tools under discussion here. They’re the best of the best.

As far as creativity is concerned you most likely have plenty of it already. The intuitive way these tools work more than make up for any lack of experience on your part.

Maybe it’s time to have some fun designing eye-popping portfolio websites!


  1. Porto – Ultimate WordPress + eCommerce Theme

Porto is a powerful, blazing-fast Bootstrap 4-based multipurpose theme whose authors have paid particular attention to keeping abreast of the latest design trends, adhering to best coding practices, and always keeping user needs in mind. This has made it one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market the past several years.

eCommerce and portfolio website designers should take particular note of the attention the authors paid to this particular website type. It has been super optimized for site performance and includes a host of eCommerce and portfolio demos and design/build options. The speed optimization wizard can be put into play to help you optimize your site and there’s a range of skins, sliders, and other design options and settings including ways to use skins and sliders to spice up store or portfolio.

Porto presents you with the ultimate in eCommerce functionality along with a useful selection of shop and blog pages, page and post layouts, and menu and breadcrumb options. Porto is 100% mobile responsive, it features Revolution Slider and Visual Composer, and it’s compatible with most plugins.


  1. BeTheme

Given its library of 350+ pre-built websites among its 40 core features, it’s little wonder that with BeTheme you can create any type of website for any purpose; and that includes outstanding portfolio websites.

Be’s Muffin Builder and Options Panel give you a powerful and intuitive page-building tool to work with. You have a host of shortcodes, design elements and options, grid and header options, and special effects to work with that will enable you to design and build an impressive portfolio website in as little as 4 hours.

BeTheme is SEO-friendly, it’s 100% responsive, you don’t have to worry about coding, and its documentation and support are emblematic of Be’s desire to help its customers.

All you need to bring to the table are your ideas and creative juices. BeTheme will take care of the rest.


  1. Kalium

Try as you might, it’s not easy to design a portfolio that stands out from all the rest. It’s not necessarily your fault either. Chances are, it’s the tools you’re using that place unnecessary constraints on what you’re capable of achieving.

Kalium changes that. With this amazing tool, you can create portfolios that will encourage visitors to stop and study the content, rather than browse or scan like they tend to do with most websites they visit.

What makes this possible is a combination of your creative talents and Kalium’s extreme flexibility. There are over 30 portfolio pages to pick and choose from, the best drag and drop page builder on the market (WPBakery), plenty of shortcodes, layouts, design elements, blog layouts, and layouts to help set up your online shop.


  1. Studio 8

This flexible, awesomely designed WordPress theme is super-fast and responsive, it’s built with clean code, and its authors offer great support.

Agencies, web designers, photographers and other creative professionals will like how Studio 8’s advanced theme options make it so easy for them to showcase their projects and to create an online shop from which to sell them to potential clients.


  1. Uncode

This creative, multiuse WordPress theme can serve multiple web-building purposes, but it’s definitely tailored to those looking to create portfolios that will stand out from the crowd. All the functionality you need is there to showcase your work in the way you want others to view it.

The best way to see how Uncode’s 16 portfolio styles and supporting features can help you is to browse the showcase of user inspired and designed Uncode websites.


  1. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPres Theme

TheGem’s portfolio-building features are impressive. Take your pick of any of this WordPress theme’s 5 core portfolio styles and start customizing. You have loads of options and settings to work with that enable you to adjust image sizes, proportions, gaps, and positions to your heart’s content.

You can highlight images or products of particular interest as well. TheGem awaits!


  1. Pofo – Creative Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme

This is another multiuse theme created with portfolios in mind. Pofo is also a great web-building solution for bloggers and eCommerce users. Its collection of home and demo pages, pre-built design elements, and shortcodes provides all the flexibility you need. Pofo features blazing-fast performance, SEO ready and Revolution Slider and the WPBakery page builder come with the package.


  1. Cesis – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Why pick the smartest WordPress theme on the market? Because it will make your web-building tasks easier than ever. You can use the pre-made templates to start your projects (you can also download your own) and since everything works on the frontend zero coding is required.

Cesis is the ideal solution for all your portfolio and page building and editing needs.



Any one of these 8 portfolio-building tools could be an ideal choice. Yet, you’ll probably find one might do a bit better job than others to precisely meet your web design needs. You can’t make a wrong choice, but it may take a few extra minutes of your time to find the best one.

Happy hunting!

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

5 Crucial Tools for Web Designers (Part One)

tools for web designers

At Webdesignledger, we always try to help designers the best we can, by gathering all the good stuff the great virtual world aka internet has to offer. After a quick research, we came up with a list of five crucial tools for web designers. 


A designer is like a carpenter. In order to get things done, a carpenter needs materials and a professional tool kit. Without it, a carpenter is only a simple man with great dreams, a Sisyphus who never fulfills his aspirations. Because different projects require different utensils, a designer’s tool kit should be as diverse as possible. In order to put together two pieces of wood, a carpenter can’t do anything with a hammer if he’s lacking nails. Also, owning a professional tool kit doesn’t make you a carpenter. In order to become the best of the best you have to diligently study “at the feet” of a master, in a specialized school, or even learn through an online course.

A tool kit is an investment, we won’t deny that. From our experience, designers are passion driven, which makes things a bit easier. When you really want something, you do anything it takes to achieve it. We encourage you all to have the following tools under your belts so that your hard work gets one step closer to success.

1. Sketch

Sketch is rapidly replacing Photoshop due to its Bohemian Coding’s vector UI design tool. Rory Berry, creative director at Superrb, affirmed right after using Sketch the first time: “Having been a user of Photoshop for over 10 years, it was hard to change and learn something new. But literally after the first day of using Sketch, there was no looking back. I’m a total convert.”

Crucial Toolkit

2. Figma

This amazing tool connects you with other designers for everyone’s benefit. Figma allows you to design and get feedback from fellow designers in real time. “We were recommended Figma by our web development agency and use it for landing page wireframes. We love that you can quickly create designs for desktop, tablet and mobile,” says David Eastwood content writer and art-worker for Co-o Electrical.

3. Avocode

With this tool coding apps and websites from Photoshop or Sketch is so much easier! Avocode co-founder Vu Hoang Anh says “It gives users everything they need for coding – a preview of the design, and access to all layers and export assets. The best thing is that developers won’t need Photoshop or Sketch at all. The current workflow really sucks and that’s why we created Avocode.”

Crucial ToolKit

4. Zeplin

A time saver tool, Zeplin translates Sketch or Photoshop files into a free Windows, Mac, or web-based app. “The best part is that Zeplin provides quick reference for the colours, dimensions and fonts from your designs. It even generates CSS and style guides. I’ve found Zeplin to be a massive time saver and my developer friends seem to really like it too,” affirms James Stiff.

Tools for Web Designers

5. Canva

The social media content never looked better! With Canva, you can easily create social media images and info-graphics. “Canva is pretty good for making nice images,” says Lawrence Harmer, founder of Solve Web Media. “Images are the window into the soul of your website and social media, so a tool like this can be key to success,” he continues.

Tools for Web Designers

What tools do you use regularly for your designs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

A Stunning Floral Kit For Summery Designs (Font of the Week #5)

Floral Kit

At Webdesignledger, we love seeing fresh fonts that are able to give a happy, summery vibe to our special projects. Lisa’s Balcony has created a Floral Kit that does that with ease. 


Almost half of 2018’s summer has already passed by. For some, this is bad news, for others a reason to rejoice. One thing we know for sure. Summer is the season when parties are not a trend but routine, weddings a weekend regularity, beach walks normality, and fun necessary. As designers, we cannot be any less, nevertheless boring. Our projects and designs must look like a summer hymn, appealing, interactive, and colorful. 

As a major part of any design, the font adds suggestive power to a text. It’s not enough to write an exciting text and expect everybody to react accordingly, when the font you use is no other than “Killer.” Although Killer fonts have their own purposes, this summer people need to see life, color, and good vibes spread around.

The Floral Kit we are presenting you today has the power to bring happiness. They feature an amazingly drawn variety of flowers that we know for sure would look good on:

  • lovely greeting cards
  • wedding stationery
  • prints
  • web images (content for your social media and blog)
  • book covers
  • mugs
  • t-shirts, etc.

Floral kit

You can buy this amazing font on CreativeMarket, as well as other wonderful creations of Lisa’s Balcony. The amazing designer has created a wedding kit to make other designers’ jobs easier. The Wedding Graphics Morning Flowers Kit contains 4 Digital Floral Papers, 1 Seamless Pattern, Templates for Save the date Cards, Table Number Cards, Table Names Cards, and Menu Cards. All the templates are fully editable and they require minimum Photoshop knowledge.

floral kit

We hope that this font comes in handy. Make sure you share it with your designer friends, spreading summer vibes and floral scents around. Also, if you designed a font that you would like to share with us, email us at and we’ll make sure that people will get to know you and your work better.

Floral Kit

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Visual Inspiration: Top 15 Vegan Recipe Blogs With Beautiful Clean Design

Visual Inspiration: Top 15 Vegan Recipe Blogs With Beautiful Clean Design

In order to stay fresh, productive, and imaginative, every artist needs to take a small break from time to time and go on a quest for inspiration. Thankfully, the internet is full of intriguing designs and exciting new concepts that can easily get those creative juices flowing again. If you’re stuck with a web design […]

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Five Innovative Wearable Technology Devices

wearable technology

When you want to make an good impression, wearable technology products are your allies. Not only that, but they make your life easier, as well. 


There is no better time to bring into our readers attention the products that confirm the highly technologized world we live in than today. If you were wondering what have been the experts developing lately, well, we have the answer. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the most useful wearable technology products on the market.

“Why have the classic watches been replaces by the smart watches?” almost sounds like “Why have we replaces Nokia 1300 with iPhone X?” The world “suffers” an on-going evolution, and there’s no time for traditionalism. At least not in this field. The high-tech products are out for us to enjoy them, use them, and simplify our lives.

The list below includes products that you might need or someone you know might need. Designers are notorious for embracing all these innovations. That’s why wearable tech products make amazing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, so on and so forth.

If you love our list, like it, comment it, and share it for others too see it. Or you can just love it silently.

Smart running shoes

Shoes are part of the everyday clothing, but when they can read your mood and your heartbeat, they become something else. Lenovo’s running shoes do that and we are in awe. Not to mention that they work as a mobile game controller, as well.

wearable technology



Fove is the first virtual reality headset and it was created by a Tokyo-based startup founded by Yuka Kojima and Lochlainn Wilson. The product utilizes eye-tracking technoligies, allowing the user to interact with objects by looking at them.

Fitbit’s 2018 offensive

Fitbit had been proving to be an amazing product for a while now. People love it for several reasons which include the ability to track your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. This watch will motivate you to exercise daily, a key factor in staying healthy.

wearable technology

Disneyland’s MagicBand

Disneyland’s bracelet is magic, indeed. The device connects to all of the vacation choices you make with My Disneyland Experience. It gives you access to the whole park, you can connect it to your card, it tracks you in the park, and the waiter will find you at the restaurant.

Wearable Tech


Temp tech tattoos 

These tattoos put an end to misleading or gamed breathalyzers. The temp tech tattoos measure the alcohol in your blood in a non invasive way. The printed tattoo paper generates an electronic board which contains a thin layer of gel. The gel induces sweat and an electrochemical sensor measures the alcohol. A smartphone will let you know via Bluetooth if it’s safe to drive home.

Wearable technology


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Custom WP Lab Does the Job Right (AOTW#6)

Because we know that people are always in a search for good design studios, we continue our Agency of the Week series with one of the best out there, Custom WP Lab

Custom WP Design

Who are they?

Custom WP Lab is a team of designers who love design. They strike to bring the best WordPress features to life, by contributing unique design to almost 75 million WordPress sites on the web. The words passion, open-mindedness, innovation, creativity define the agency. They find satisfaction when their client is satisfied with their work, which includes designing and coding. This leads us to the next question…


Custom WP Lab

What do they do?

With years of design and development experience, Custom WP Lab specializes in modern, mobile responsive design. The agancy designs and develops custom themes, offering specialized features that match the client’s needs and wishes. They make sure that their client easily connects with their audience by using the best SEO tools and practices. For new WordPress users, Custom WP Lap provides a starter-pack services that include logo design, identity design, translations, and branding. Some of their key services is that they can convert PSD to WordPress, develop personalized features, set up the client’s store, provide tutorials, and a whole lot more!



Some of their clients include:


Custom WP Lab


Custom WP Lab


Custom WP Lab



Custom WP Lab


Custom WP Lab



Custom WP Lab


Custom WP Lab takes pride in offering great prices and even greater services. Their clients are always happy with the agency’s work. Their testimonials strengthen this fact:

His team was outstanding. They were extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and creative in helping guide us through the process. Their professionalism and expertise was a great help. If you aren’t sure it is worth the money, I can assure that it is worth it!                                                     – Cynthia, Baxter Forensic Group

I was very satisfied with their work. The developer was quick, efficient and listened to exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for your work!                                                          – Gerian, Director Bed
Its clear that Custom WP Lab love what they do and approach each project with enthusiasm, respect, and interest. Custom WP Lab’s passion is contagious.                                                   – Jacqueline Thibodeau
I am incredibly pleased with the results of my new website. It looks clean, fresh and includes elements that allow me to keep in touch with all my clients. Custom WP Lab was incredibly professional. I don’t know what I would have done without him!                                                                               – Kim Executive Life coach


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Monday, 9 July 2018

Best Online Courses To Learn iOS App Development

Learn iOS Coding With Online Courses

If you’ve ever wanted to build mobile apps then now is the best time to start. Programming languages have come a long way and modern IDEs are easier than ever to pick up. If you prefer classic teaching styles then you might like these books on mobile app development. But if you’re a visual learner […]

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