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Benefits of Using Kanban Tools in Project Management

Team members are the people who usually give their insight when there is a discussion about identifying the opportunities to improve the business. But in the majority of the situations they will be busy, and it does not seem right to pull them from their work and get their input. So, if the same team starts brainstorming about the improvements then who can do the actual job which must go on.

This is where the situation where many teams find it very difficult to come out of. We can also understand that they are too busy to think and make some improvements. So, they do not spend time on improvements which can actually bring them some free time, but they do not come out of their busyness. This is the reason; it becomes difficult to break the cycle of inefficiency.

This is where the Kanban comes into the picture. This can be a starting point which helps to overcome the challenge of handling too much work and not having time to think about opportunities. Kanban comes with certain systematic approach which helps in identifying the opportunities.

One must understand that Kanban is a practice. This is the reason it becomes easy to leverage its principles in daily work rather stopping it and turn towards new initiatives for improvements. A team which starts practicing the Kanban will succeed in identifying the opportunities through implementing and inventing their own unique solutions through proven methods.

Roots of Kanban

what is kanban
Kanban ordering system also is known as Kanban was actually originated in Lean manufacturing. Later it grew quickly and got popularity since this technique was embraced by knowledge workers mainly to reach increasing demands of their customers and to reduce the costs.

Today one can find thousands of companies using Kanban which include all types of industry. Kanban can lead to continuous improvement.

Software Development and Kanban

Since there is an affiliation between Kanban and Agile development it has become a very popular tool when it comes to software development. One must understand that Kanban is different from Waterfall approach, Extreme Programming, or Scrum which are project management methodologies. Kanban do not make use of time boxed iterations where as these methodologies do.

When using Kanban, if the expectations are not met them the team has many other opportunities through which it can make corrections during the iteration. Kanban is a method which is based on iterative work. This is nothing but the work done in smaller segments.

Hence there will be reduction in amount of re- work to be done if there is any change which occurs suddenly. This is the reason customers get chance to give their honest feedback and can also request for changes during the iteration along with keeping the budget in check and preserving the timelines.

Kanban System

Kanban system can be understood as a work scheduling system. This can maximize the productivity of a particular team through minimizing the idle time. Idle time is common in any process, procedure, or even in the workflow. This can be traced back to some opportunities in the process.

Maximize resource and time using Kanban

When there is a Kanban tool it can help teams to understand how the time is spent. Majority of the Kanban tools available online can help in providing tracking as well as productivity data which leads to the easy identification of problem areas. Once the team understands the problem area, they can easily develop solutions.

Kanban benefits

kanban features in management
When it comes to managing work there are many advantages of using a Kanban system. Some of them are:

  • Increase the ability of the team member to focus on the task
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in time wasting and wasted work
  • Complete focus on delivery with continuity
  • Flexibility

The first thing one must understand is Kanban is very flexible. Here there will not be any phase durations which are prescribed. When it comes to priorities, they are reassessed continuously and this is based most recent information. Continuous delivery is the one more advantage of using Kanban.

There will be the continuous delivery of the project in small portions to the customer. There will be multiple opportunities for the team to synchronize the future iterations using updates requirements of the business. This is the reason Kanban makes the teams deliver want exactly the customer is expecting.

It is possible to maximum value through Kanban to the customer since it comes with continuous improvements and iterative cycles. But in case of time boxed approaches, one must wait until the end of the project for feedback from customers. Later the changes can be done. This is the reason they end up in higher project costs.

After very long waiting may be for months to deliver a project or to give a prototype customer may find something and feel the product is lacking some important feature. This leads to the entire team going backwards to find that mistake. Later they must undo the work which is done in weeks. So, in this situation a developer may get frustrated easily. Meantime customer feels bitter after taste and ends up paying more for the project.

But Kanban revolves around efficiency and productivity. Along with this, there will be a reduction in waste when Kanban is followed. The waste reduction is taken care in all its forms like defects, unnecessary motion, over-production, over processing as well as waiting.

When it comes to software development, wastage is nothing but

  • Work which is done incorrectly
  • Work which is done but not necessary
  • Time which is spent on doing wrong or unnecessary work rather spending it on valued work

When there is a method to eliminate the waste from a workflow, project or from a process there will be high productivity. This also leads to the increased focus of the people towards work that really matters.

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“This is the reason efficiency improves since people learn to manage their time or they start completing their work.”

Along with re prioritizing the work as per need there will be proper communication on task board in Kanban system which allows clarity. So, there will not be any question on what the next task one must do since it will be very clear. A team member will keep pulling the next Kanban card from the top in the queue. So, there will not be any waste of time to find the next task.

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This Is How You Design a Brochure in 2018

brochure design

The feature of keeping information up-to-date over a longer period of time makes brochures an important and useful tool in marketing campaigns. There are plenty of websites that provide you with brochure templates. We’ll mention some in this blog post. But at times, you might feel like designing one from scratch. For this very reason, we provided you with some simple brochure design guidelines. 


We all know that brochures tell only one story at a time. This is the rule. In a brochure, you only focus on one thing, a single subject. Therefore, the information contained in a brochure is unitary, circumscribed to a particular theme. The design of the brochure, the presentation of the theme, the quality of the information, and the expectations of the target audience are directly responsible for the success or failure of a brochure-based advertising program. Once we understand the importance of a good brochure design, we can actually take the first steps into designing one.

brochure design

Know your audience

Whether you design a brochure for yourself or for a client, you need to make sure that you know as much about your target audience as possible. Usually, this is the less visible or cared for aspect of a booklet: the audience to which it is addressed. An in-depth study of your audience increases the effectiveness of the message promoted through brochures. You need to take into account the age, the ethnicity, demographics, and the gender of your audience. Once you have figured all that out, you can effectively take the first steps into the physical design of the brochure.

Distribute the information correctly

Brochures limit us regarding the amount of content they can display. Advertising brochures should be based on a layout that draws the attention in a convenient way. You can do this by separating the text blocks through descriptive headlines. But in order to avoid any misunderstandings with your client, make sure you talk to him/her before you decided how much space is necessary for the content, and how much for the images. You don’t want whoever is reading the brochure to be overloaded with information in the first couple of sentences. Distribute all the information equally so the viewer stays interested.

brochure design

Make them attractive, use colors

An advertising brochure has to go beyond its black-and-white version, which is typical of textbooks, small-scale cards, etc.. A reaction is guaranteed on those reading the booklet if you use colors, chosen in such a way that they resonate with the theme. Use polychromy for a bigger psychological impact. Beyond the point, colors make anything look better. We are a designer, after all, so use your imagination. 

brochure design

Images speak louder than text

Images draw attention involuntarily and are infinitely easier than any text. The use of thematic and aesthetic images is necessary to capture the interest of the reader. Incorporate large images that fill the page tastefully in the brochure layout. Get your hands on any corporate brochure and you will see that the photos seem to go beyond the edges of the pages. Adding images gives more depth to the content on the page. It takes the reader beyond the letters laid out in front of them and gives them a different form of visual stimulation.

brochure design

Get your content right

The content, the information in the brochure must be legible, clear and grammatically correct. The easiest way of doing that is by keeping it simple. You don’t need heavy words, nor neverending sentences. Also, use only one font. Since you’re only using one font, try alternating the sizes according to the importance of the text. Give your viewers something new to read, without overcomplicating things.

Keep in mind that size matters

If you have a large budget, then go for a larger brochure size. Keep in mind, however, you want to keep things aesthetically pleasing, so don’t go too crazy with the size. A larger format allows a better use of the white space. Use white space with the intention of guiding the page from one block of information to another. White space balances the active areas in the brochure design with visual rest areas. The customer’s attention is a rare and valuable resource, so manage it with great design and a comfortable layout.

brochure design

Ease your work

As mentioned at the beginning, there are websites that provide designers with quick downloads for brochure templates. As genuine as a custom brochure can be, we also understand that time is a valuable resource. If you ever find yourself in a pinch and need a quick brochure template, here are a few places you can find them:



Whether you are a beginner designer or an experienced one, we hope that you found these tips helpful. Here is a short summary of them that you can print out and always take into account when designing a brochure:

  • learn who all you can about your audience;
  • let your pages breath, don’t overload them with content;
  • use colors;
  • add relevant images that speak the same message as your text;
  • make sure your text is correct in every aspect;
  • find the right size for your brochure;
  • ease your work by using already created brochure templates;
  • have fun!

If you liked our blog post, please share it with your friends so they can benefit from these amazing tips. We would also love to know what are your favorite techniques when creating a brochure. Share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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Top 12 YouTube Channels To Learn About WordPress

YouTube Logo

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27 Spooky Halloween Design Elements For Scary Designs

It’s Spooktober, and Halloween is almost upon us! Folks have changed their Twitter handles to spooky puns, Reddit has adopted the yearly skeleton memes, and cultural fads are being distilled into cheap Halloween costumes you can buy at Wal-Mart. They’re even playing Werewolf Bar Mitzvah on the radio. It’s surely the spookiest time of the year! As you dress up for your Halloween party, check out these spooky scary Halloween design elements for costuming your website too.

Halloween Vector Icon Pack

halloween design elements vector icon pack

Halloween design elements pack Free Vector

Halloween design elements

Halloween pumpkin collection

halloween design elements

Pack of Halloween Characters

halloween design elements character designs

Full Set Unique Ghosts of Halloween Celebration

ghost design halloween

Collection of Minimalist Halloween Stickers In Orange and Black

halloween stickers

Halloween Elements Collection

halloween design elements collection

Happy Halloween Day Card

happy halloween card

Halloween Monochrome Design Elements Vector Icon

halloween vector designs monochrome

Halloween Card Icon Pack

halloween design elements card images

Colorful Halloween Design Elements and Icons

Black Halloween Flat Icons


Sexy Halloween Poster with Lips

Halloween Party Facebook Cover

halloween party facebook cover

Halloween Sale, Web Banner Set

halloween sale digital banner

Halloween Sale Web Banner

halloween sale banner

Halloween Party Facebook Banner

halloween party facebook banner design template

Halloween Party Invitation

halloween web design elements inspiration

Zombie Hand Graveyard Background

halloween web design elements inspiration

Spooky Halloween Background with Full Moon

halloween moon background image

Happy Halloween Scary Background With Torn Paper Effect

Halloween Sale Background

halloween sale background with moon

Halloween Background in Watercolor Style

watercolor halloween background

Collection of Halloween Cobwebs

collection of halloween cobweb vector images

Watercolor Haunted House Vector

halloween design elements watercolor haunted house

Halloween Flat Icon Pack

halloween flat icon pack

Halloween Vector Icon Set

halloween design elements vector icon set

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