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Choosing a Niche: Tips, Tools & Techniques

Choosing a Niche: Tips, Tools & Techniques

01When looking to start a new website or blog, choosing a niche is one of the most important decisions you will make. It requires time and research but once it’s set you’ll have a very solid direction. Fortunately there are a number of tools and websites available that can help with the research. In this […]

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Friday, 29 July 2016

30 Free Flyer Design Templates

If you’re looking for free flyer mockup designs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a collection of 30 free flyer mockup templates that will help you create the ultimate flyer design.

These free flyer mockup templates are what every good print design needs to stand out from the rest.

P.S.: There is a bonus resource section in the end of this article.

30 of The Web’s Best Free Flyer Mockup Designs

Gravity Psd Paper Mockup

Gravity Paper mockup

Download here.

Corporate Flyer Free Mockup

Free template for a corporate flyer

Download here.

Flyer Mockup PSD Design

Paper mockup design

Download here.

Free Flyer and Poster Mockup

Free Flyer Mockup

Download here.

PSD Poster and Flyer Mockup

Free PDF mockup

Download here.

Free Flyer Mockups

Free Flyer Templates

Download here.

Free Brochure and Flyer Mockup Design

Bi-fold brochure and flyer mockup

Download here.

Free Flyer and Card Mockup

Flyer and Card Mockup

Download here.

Free Stationary and A6 Flyer Mockups

Stationary and Flyer mockups

Download here.

Free Party Flyer Templates

Free Party Flyer

Download here.

Free Paper, Flyer or Poster Mockup

Paper mockup

Download here.

Free Metro Design Flyer Mockup

Free flyer mockup

Download here.

Free Mockup of Bi-Fold Flyers

Bi-fold flyer

Download here.

Free Soccer Camp PDS Flyer

Free soccer camp flyer

Download here.

Free Mockup for A4 Paper, Posters and Flyers

Paper mockup by Pixeden

Download here.

Freemium PSD Flyer Template

Flyer Mockup design

Download here.

PSD Paper Mockup Design

Free Paper Mockup PSD

Download here.

Indie Night Free Flyer Template Design

Free Flyer Template

Download here.

Free Bi-Fold Flyer Mockup

Free flyer mockup

Download here.

Free Comedy Night Flyer Template

Free flyer template

Download here.

Poster and Flyer Mockup For A4 and A5

Poster and Flyer mockup

Download here.

Free Corporate Flyer Mockup

Corporate Flyer Template

Download here.

Free Minimalist Flyer Mockup Design

Minimalist Flyer

Download here.

Free Flyer PSD Template

Free PSD Flyer Template

Download here.

Free Glossy Poster and Flyer Mockup

Free glossy flyer mockup

Download here.

Utility Pole Flyer and Poster Mockup

Flyer and poster mockup

Download here.

Free Business Flyer Mockup Design

Free flyer mockup design

Download here.

Free PSD Flyer Mockup

PSD Flyer Design

Download here.

Product Flyer Mockup Design

Product Flyer

Download here.

Realistic Flyer Mockup Design

Realistic mockup for a flyer

Download here.

But Wait. Are Companies Still Using Flyers As An Advertisement Tool?

If you’re working in a large design and marketing agency you’re probably still asking yourself if online media has already replaced traditional print media such as flyers, newspapers, and magazines?

The answer is no. If you’re looking into specialising into print design, you’ve probably made a great decision. Here’s why.

Despite its fast development and huge popularity online advertising could never be an ultimate substitute for traditional offline media. 

True, television advertisements get a ton of views and let’s not even mention the traffic a single ad gets from other video hosting channels such as Youtube and Dailymotion. The competition is strong but there’s something that traditional offline media has that large social media platforms, radio and TV channels could never offer.

Establishing an emotional connection between the advertiser and the audience through physical contact and communication is what makes offline advertising so amazing. Whatever the reasons are, print media won’t go away anytime soon.

But you’re probably not here for another marketing lecture.

Being one of the most popular print advertisement materials, flyers are one of the top-ordered design products in advertisement agencies. And in a competitive market like this one, you’ll often need much more than a great flyer design to grab the attention of your client.

Bonus! Free Flyer Mockup Resource Websites:

FlyerHeroes: Most of their graphic design resources are premium but there’s a special section with free flyer templates that you can take advantage from. Click here to see them.

Freepik: The ultimate resource hub for vector and raster graphics features a lovely collection of flyers templates. You can check them out here.

FreePSDflyer: This site hasn’t gained much popularity but I guarantee you’ll love its collection of free PSD flyer mockups and templates. Pay it a visit here.

Pixeden: A big shoutout to Pixeden for having the best paper mockup collection in the entire web. A lot of the examples above are courtesy of this website. If you want to check out more of their design resources go here.

Simply can’t get enough? Check out these articles:

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Keys to Success as a Freelance Designer

Keys to Success as a Freelance Designer

Freelancing is quite addicting. Being your own boss, setting your own hours, working from your favorite location, just to name a few. But every freelancer knows that the job comes with more than a few difficulties: dealing with clients, accounting, invoicing. And then there's the part where you have to know how to sell yourself well enough that clients keep knocking on your door for more work. Your freelance website is one way to make sure that this happens.

In this post, we'll examine some keys to achieving success as a freelancer (plus two bonus segments on vacationing as a freelancer and tips for in-person meetings). These are all areas for would-be freelancers to consider before making the jump, and potential areas of improvement for existing freelancers...

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Draw a Location Pin Icon in Adobe XD

Dansky_Learn How to Draw a Location Icon in Adobe XD

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to draw a location icon in Adobe XD.

The Steps (1-7)

1. Create a new document/artboard.

2. Select the Ellipse Tool, Left-click and hold Shift to draw a circle. Give the circle a fill colour of #DE503D, and deselect any borders.


3. Using the Selection Tool, Double-click on the circle to go inside the shape, to be able to edit each of the anchor points individually. Left-click on the bottom anchor point for the circle shape, and Drag downwards. This will be the ‘point’ on the location pin icon.

4. Double-click on the bottom anchor point to convert the curved lines either side to straight lines.


5. Next, select the Ellipse Tool, Left-click and hold Shift to draw a small circle. Give the circle a fill colour of white (#FFFFFF), and deselect any borders. Position this smaller circle inside the top half of the location pin shape, ensuring that any space to the left/right sides and above, is equal.


6. Hold Shift and Alt to either increase or decrease the size of the circle accordingly.

7. Once you are happy with your location pin icon, the last step in to Drag over both shapes to select everything, and in the Pathfinder options on the right, select Subtract. This will effectively ‘knockout’ the smaller white circle from the location pin shape, turning this into one complete and finished icon with a transparent background.


Download Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD).

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Photography Tips For Natural-Looking Website Layouts

Photography Tips For Natural-Looking Website Layouts

Most web designers wear multiple hats when working on design projects. These hats can include web development, SEO, marketing, identity, content writing, and even photography.

Small businesses and personal sites use photos to deliver a message to visitors. And the quality of these photos greatly impact the message being sent. That’s why I’ve organized these handy photography tips for designers working on the web.

Great photography enhances a website layout and the overall experience. Poor photography brings it down and damages the perception of the entire website. This is why photo choice plays such a crucial role in every design strategy...

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Top 4 Cloud Computing Languages To Learn Now!


Top 4 Cloud Computing Languages To Learn Now!

The Cloud is here, and it’s here to stay. And if you love programming, script-writing, and earning the cushy income that skill set can award you, you’ve probably looked into coding on cloud-based platforms. And while you might think that the Cloud you’ve chosen to work on might limit you… think again! The cloud can accommodate just about any language, depending on the interface you’re running.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of the most in-demand programming languages for the cloud. If you don’t know them now, you should probably start learning! As hot as they are now, it’s likely that the growth of big data and machine learning will only make them more so.

Learning SQL:
SQL is still the king of coding languages, and the price-points of SQL developers and database admins is all but proof. In a time when the US median income for a household is about $52,000, SQL-savvy coders can earn an average of $92,000. With the rise in big data (which usually means bigger databases), and the continuing reign of SQL as one of the most common languages out there, job security is nearly guaranteed into the future (a worthwhile perk, in the ever-changing tech industry). But beyond that, there can be a lot of personal pleasure in SQL coding. At its heart, writing SQL is basically creating processes which automate themselves. If you’ve even been frustrated to tears by needing to manually create reports or datasets, this might be the language for you.


Learning R:
R is a programming language which sees a lot of use in the area of data analysis and software development. Especially if the sciences intrigues you, this could be a hot language to learn: it’s incredible in-demand with scientific investigators, and has had a recent surge in popularity no doubt related to the rise in data-related work and positions. If data-mining is your bag, there’s nothing better. Couple that with the fact that it has many business applications and the fact that being able to program in R is considered one of the highest-paying skillsets to have and you probably agree that you should be learning it now!

If you’re all about lofty goals and raising the bar, Python might be the cloud programming language for you! Some of the most popular IaaS management softwares are written in Python, and it’s an incredibly marketable skill which is applicable to many different environments. Though it’s easy to learn, it’s more elegant than similar languages like Php and Ruby. And, as with the other languages, it’s a money maker. The average salary of a Python developer is over 6 figures.

Learning Clojure:
Clojure is based on JVM, and in the opinion of most coders proficient in its use, is mature, stable, and easy to learn. It’s a Lisp, with all of the advantages that entails, and is built with concurrency in mind: meaning immutable data and less problems! If you’re a little slapdash with your coding, that means that Clojure helps protect you from yourself. And, like the above languages, it’s perfect for processing a great deal of data.

The Bottom Line:
There are hundreds of languages out there which can be used on the cloud, from Deadfish to Scala. But if you’re going to pick a new one to learn for developing on the cloud, you might as well pick one which has a lot of applications, offers substantial job security, and can make you a lot of money. For those looking to expand their skillset or jump into the field, SQL, R, Python, and Clojure are our top 4!

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Are You Looking for a Pleasant Experience with a WordPress Theme?


Stress is an unwelcome partner when you are designing a website. Some design tools, including WordPress themes, can create stressful experiences. They are, at times simply difficult to use.

Problems you may encounter with such a product can eat up valuable time, and take that time away from what you should be doing – design. Technical problems also take the fun out of web design, to the point where a project becomes a chore, and you can’t wait to finish it.

This kind of theme may have bugs, a steep learning curve, or seems designed by developers for other developers. It’s time to take a breath and start searching for something better.

This theme could be your answer. Not only does it have the features and functionality you need. And because of its easy-to-use, intuitive, integrated front-end builder, it is actually enjoyable.


A web designer taking a relaxed walk in the park after working with a difficult WP theme.


Intuitiveness in a WP Theme is a Sign of Good Code in the Back End

Intuitiveness and simplicity can often be difficult to find in a WordPress theme for one very good reason –these kind of themes are hard to code. Bugs create technical issues. Bloated code can as well, but in most cases it is simply inefficient, and it tends to be a resource hog.

A theme creators’ experience can tell you a great deal about what you might reasonably expect in terms of its performance. Experienced developers know how to make your life simpler, if they have worked with more than one coding languages. You don’t have to become a developer to make a tool work for you.

For example, Kallyas’ creators have several years of experience on WP and Joomla themes. That tells you that with Kallyas, they have delivered a theme that is simple, adaptable, intuitive, and enjoyable to use.


    An example of a well-designed, intuitive homepage for an eCommerce website.

With Kallyas, you can focus on design, without having to worry about delivering a website that includes code your client has no need for. Kallyas’ experienced creators have taken care of that issue. They have provided you with a customizable theme that features smart, optimized, efficient code.


How Could an Integrated Front-end Builder Increase the Quality of Your Work?

If you are a web developer, a front-end builder may not seem like such a big deal. You are used to writing your own code, and managing everything from the back end. That is what you do, and there is no real need to change.

If you happen to be a web designer, the chances are your coding expertise is somewhere between slim and none. Any need to write code, as a part of your design activity, will simply slow you down.


The intuitive interface of an integrated front-end WP visual builder.

Front-end builders are noted for being great time-savers, and productivity boosters. They can also have a positive impact on the quality of your deliverables. The reason is simple. If you are spending time going back and forth between the front end and the back end, you can lose focus on the consistency of your design.

Kallyas builder’s simple, fast, steps are the keys to producing higher quality work:

  • Drag and drop your element (images, video, or text),
  • edit it, and
  • select your settings, save, and close

Another benefit of a WP integrated front end builder: if your client wants changes on the layout, you can make them in seconds. No stress, no hassle, and a more enjoyable experience.

Check out this video to see the integrated, front-end builder in action:


Loading Time Matters

As a web designer, you should not have to be concerned about accessing and managing the resources needed to build a page or a website. Your WordPress theme should perform that task for you, that is why you are paying for this product. If it does so efficiently, both you and the user will have beautiful, intuitive, and stress-free experiences.


When you enter a page built on a regular WordPress theme, your device isn’t going to receive only the elements that make up the page. It will also receive other elements Those other elements are unnecessary, and only serve to clog up the code.

The result? Slower page loading times, and impatient users (Note: remember that mobile users are not noted for their patience).

Kallyas solved that problem when it designed and developed its integrated, front-end builder. Thanks to this WordPress theme’s front end builder, the only elements that are received when loading a page, are those that are needed.

Quit Fighting Code, and Make Web Design More Enjoyable

You’ve been told that working harder and longer does not always produce high quality results. Quite the opposite is often true. If you can perform your web design activities in a relaxed manner, you’ll be able to focus on the creative work. And that will be reflected in the quality of your work.

Experienced creatives seek out tools and methods that don’t interfere with their preferred style of work. Kallyas, with its intuitive front end builder, will provide you with all necessary element to get the job done.


Check Kallyas out. Read more about why this WP theme is so easy and relaxing to work with. Kallyas promises not to disappoint in terms of code agility, resource optimization, and UI quality.

Kallyas is a WP theme you won’t regret investing in.


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